BlackVue Dashcam Footage Nets Hundreds In Fines

This bizzare situation was captured by the BlackVue dashcam installed in a driving school vehicle owned by our customer Todd McGivern in Canada.

The video shows a frustrated driver tailgating the driving school car for quite some time. She even took out her cellphone to take pictures and eventually passed Todd’s car on the right. To our customer’s surprise… he received a call from the local police.

Thankfully he was able to provide the video captured by his BlackVue – and the frustrated driver chasing behind his car was charged with using an electronic device while driving and changing the lanes over a solid line.

It’s instances like these when dashcam footage provides invaluable insight – in “he said, she said” cases it’s the video evidence that makes the difference. Purchase the flagship BlackVue Cloud dashcam, the DR750S-2CH, here in our online store.

You can watch the embedded video above or by clicking here.

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