BlackVue Dashcam Captures Car Speeding Wrong Way On Interstate

A dangerous incident was captured on a BlackVue dashcam and shared on social media recently, according to FOX5 DC website.

BlackVue owner Cliff Crittenden’s 4K UHD dashcam (current DR900X-2CH model available here) caught another vehicle speeding in the wrong direction on eastbound Interstate 66 in Virginia. The video clearly shows a red car, coming at a frightening speed in the wrong direction. The car was partially in the fast lane and partially on the shoulder of the road. BlackVue footage clearly shows Cliff swerving sharply to the right, barely missing the oncoming car. Dual-channel BlackVue’s rear camera also captured the red vehicle continuing to drive the wrong way after the close call.

According to the local police they received first reports early on, that a vehicle was traveling north in the southbound lanes of Interstate 495. They then got on Interstate 66 and continued until they got a flat tire. The police stated that the wrong-way car struck at least one more vehicle. Thankfully, no one was hurt in the incident.

Dashcam footage is indispensable in situation like this; it provides information and visuals necessary to understand the situation better, for the police and parties involved in potential accidents. Don’t wait until AFTER something happens and get your own BlackVue here.

You can watch the full video (fullHD only) here.

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