BlackVue Dash​​​​cam Captures Bodyslam Into Windshield

Imagine the surprise of the BlackVue user Jeremy, who came out of the movies to find a large spot on his Volkswagen’s windshield where it was shattered.

Thanks to the single channel BlackVue dashcam (newer version, the DR750S-1CH, can be purchased here) installed in Jeremy’s vehicle the reason for the shattered windshield soon became clear. Upon reviewing the BlackVue dashcam footage, the video showed a group of teenagers, two of which decided to jump and slam their bodies into Jeremy’s car.

“I honestly think it’s just a really weird coincidence that out of all the cars in the parking lot they managed to pick one that had a dash cam that was recording,” our customer said.

So far, one of the culprits was arrested by the police in Miamisburg, and will probably face criminal charges.

Read the whole article and watch the captured BlackVue footage here.

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