BlackVue Dash Cams Christmas 2021 Gift Guide

Looking for the perfect Christmas gift for your loved ones? If they own a car, the answer to the question of what gift would be the best can’t be other than a BlackVue dash cam! You can’t go wrong with providing security and peace of mind for your family and friends. 

However, making a decision of getting a BlackVue dash cam is just the first step of the process. A pressing question remains – which one is the best fit? With this easy Christmas gift guide, you will pick the perfect BlackVue dash cam you can be sure your family member or a friend will love.

DR900X Plus Series – Best Image Quality

If you want the top of the line, best image quality dash cam – BlackVue DR900X Plus Series is the series you should be looking at. DR900X-2CH Plus is BlackVue’s flagship dash cam model – it’s a dual channel dash cam with front and rear cameras. The front camera records in 4K UHD, providing crystal clear image quality and capturing the smallest details. 

DR750X Plus Series – Reliable Choice for a Connected Dash Cam

DR750X Plus Series comes from the long line of steady-sellers (previous models include the S and regular X Series). Both front and rear cameras record in full HD and you get to enjoy all the benefits of BlackVue Cloud-compatible dashcams.

DR750X-3CH Plus – Triple-channel Dash Cam

If you think having a dual channel dash cam is not enough, you can check BlackVue’s first 3-channel dash cam, the DR750X-3CH Plus. Both front and rear cameras use back-illuminated Full HD Sony STARVIS™ image sensors for best image quality under any light. The interior or driver-monitoring camera (DMS models) can record even in full darkness with their infrared LEDs.

DR750X-2CH LTE Plus – Always Connected

The LTE model is the perfect solution for someone who wants to enjoy all the BlackVue Cloud benefits without needing additional Connectivity Modules or Wi-Fi hotspot. The DR750X-2CH LTE Plus comes with a built-in Nano SIM card reader, allowing for quick & easy registration and setup. Additionally, with the Mobile Hotspot Function, you can use this BlackVue model as a Wi-Fi router for up to five devices at a time.

DR590X Series – Simple and Reliable

You can’t go wrong with the DR590X Series dash cams. Packing fullHD image quality in both front and rear cameras, the DR590X Series dash cams allow capturing all the important details while on the road and when parked. Thanks to the DR590X Series’ small form factor the dash cam stays hidden behind your rearview mirror, protecting the vehicle without getting in the way.

Gifts for a BlackVue owner

If your loved ones are already equipped with BlackVue dash cams, there are still plenty of gift ideas to choose from – from BlackVue Parking Mode accessories to high-endurance microSD cards. You can check all of our accessories here.

If you’re still unsure what to get, here’s a helpful table with all available BlackVue models so you can compare the features and pick the one you think is the best choice. You can also find a store or an installer near you with our Store Finder.

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