[BlackVue Event] Win An Original BlackVue MicroSD Card

Update (August 27, 2018): 


We have picked the first 15 winners (for the week of August 1 to August 7) but there is still a lot more opportunities to win a 128GB or 256GB BlackVue microSD card.
We will pick 15 new winners every week until all 150 microSD cards are won.
The sooner you participate, the higher your chances of winning: your entry will make you eligible for a chance to win on the week you participate, and then every following week.
Good luck and thank you for your contribution!

We Need Your Help!

Dear Visitor, we need your help in developing future BlackVue products. Are you passionate about newest technology? Do you find AI research interesting? Would you like to help advancing the development of new BlackVue products? Would you like to win awesome prizes? If you answered yes to any of these questions – this event is for you!

What You Need To Do

Our developers’ primary goal is to build an AI (Artificial Intelligence) to detect and prevent drowsy driving situations. In order to improve their detection algorithm, the AI must be trained and taught to identify those behaviors in a wide range of situations and subjects. This is where YOU can help!

We are looking for videos shot from within a vehicle, facing the driver. It can be shot with your BlackVue dashcam or any other camera you might have, as long as the video includes the driver’s face and their upper half of the body, and satisfies to the criteria laid out below.

To keep in mind as you record yourself:

  • Try to look as natural as possible throughout the video–just as you would behave while actually driving.
  • Imagine yourself getting progressively sleepy at the wheel, rather than quickly alternating poses without transitions.

Things you MUST include in the video:

The video must have the following elements/gestures/poses:

  1. Eyes open (naturally).
  2. Eyes closing progressively (simulating drowsiness).
  3. Yawning with mouth wide open and visible.
  4. Yawning with hand covering mouth.
  5. Mouth closed.
  6. Head facing left.
  7. Head facing right.

Optional poses: holding something in one of your hands (food, drink, cigarette), driving with just one hand on the wheel, wearing sunglasses, wearing a hat, rubbing one or both eyes with your hand (as if tired), holding your cellphone next to your ear, texting on your phone.

Important: for your safety, please record the video in a parked vehicle.

How to properly place the camera

  • Your head and upper half of the body must be visible in the video (avoid resting your camera on the dash as it could cut the upper body like in the 3rd picture below). 
    Update (2018-08-27): do not include the steering wheel in the frame. 



  • Ideally, place the camera somewhere around the top of your windshield, facing you (think of the placement of a taxi dashcam’s interior-facing camera).


Examples of good camera placement:

Notice how the face and upper body of the driver are clearly visible in both cases.

Example of camera placement, driver looking straight at the road.
Camera installed center upper part of windshield.
Camera installed top of windshield in front of driver.


  • 50x EXCLUSIVE BlackVue 256GB microSD cards. This capacity of our microSD cards is not yet available for sale.
  • 100x BlackVue 128GB microSD cards ($130.99 retail value).

We will be picking 5 winners who will receive exclusive BlackVue 256GB microSD cards and 10 winners who will receive 128GB microSD cards EVERY WEEK.

How To Submit Your Video Entry For The Contest

  1. Record your video (max. 3 minutes in length). It can be recorded with your BlackVue or any camera you have.
  2. Upload the video file to a virtual drive, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, WeTransfer.
  3. Send the link to the video file to [email protected].
  4. In your email include your name, shipping address and phone number (required for shipping in case you win).

Thank you for participating and good luck!


  1. By submitting the videos, participants guarantee that they own the rights to the videos submitted and grant Pittasoft Co., Ltd., doing business as BlackVue™, perpetual and unrestricted license to use the footage for internal purpose.
  2. By taking part in this contest, you agree with the storage and handling of your submitted data by Pittasoft Co., Ltd.
  3. Pittasoft Co., Ltd. guarantees that the videos submitted for the contest will be used exclusively for internal development purposes.
  4. Submitted videos will be reviewed for compliance with the minimum requirements (See paragraph “Things you must include in the video”).
  5. The event will last until all prizes have been won (50x 256GB BlackVue microSD card, 100x 128GB BlackVue microSD card).
  6. We will announce on this Blog the end of the event (as well as via our Newsletter).

Did you know? 

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