[BlackVue Cloud] Voice Call Tutorial Videos for BlackVue App and Web Viewer

Dear BlackVue Cloud users,
The Voice Call feature was recently added for select models. Here we share simple tutorials to show you how it works on the BlackVue App (see below) and the Web Viewer (see above).

Dashcam compatibility

  • DR900X Plus Series v.1.009 and up
  • DR750X Plus Series v.1.011 and up
  • DR750X-3CH Plus Series v.1.005 and up
  • DR750X-2CH LTE Plus Series v.1.006 and up

Voice Call

Voice Call is a new function that replaces Two-Way Voice Communication for compatible models (as of this release, it is compatible with all the X Plus models). With Voice Call, you can start a conversation from your BlackVue App or Viewer with the driver via the BlackVue dash cam installed in the vehicle. 

Two-way Voice Communication functions as a walkie talkie feature that lets you send short voice messages a few seconds at a time. Voice Call, on the other hand, lets you converse without limit of time, as in an actual phone conversation. 

Now compatible with the Web Viewer

The Voice Call feature introduces audio call compatibility with the Web Viewer, which should be especially useful for fleet management

BlackVue App (iOS/Android) Cloud Web Viewer (Web browser)
Voice Call
Two-Way Voice Communication

How to use Voice Call

To initiate a Voice Call:

  1. Start Cloud Live View
  2. Tap the microphone-shaped icon.

It will check the connection and then the icon will slide to the right and turn blue, meaning you can start the conversation. 

Voice Call in the BlackVue App:

Voice Call in the BlackVue Web Viewer (

When you are done, tap the Voice Call icon again to close the connection or exit the screen.

  • Make sure the dashcam’s microphone is activated. If turned off, you will still be able to speak to the driver but not hear back from them.
  • For best results, we recommend to set the dashcam’s speaker volume to the maximum.

Note to pre-iOS 15 devices owners: 

On iOS, you will be prompted to give permission to the app to access your phone’s microphone, in order for the Voice Call feature to work. Additionally, for pre-iOS 15 devices, whenever you access Live View, another pop-up will appear to grant “” access to the microphone. 

The best course of action to avoid this repeating pop-up would be to update your device to iOS 15.
If you cannot update your iOS version and don’t plan to use the Voice Call feature, we recommend that you select “Don’t Allow” when prompted to grant permission to access the microphone the first time. This way, the repeating pop-up won’t show when opening Live View.

You can change the microphone permission anytime from the iOS Settings > BlackVue menu of your device. 

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