BlackVue Cloud Plans Update: What’s New?

On September 13, 2023, BlackVue rolled out a major update to its Cloud Plans, including price drops, new Lite Plan and feature updates. 

In this post, we review all the changes in detail. 

First things first: all the common features

Before diving into the details of what makes each plan different, let’s see what features all Cloud plans have in common. 

All Cloud plans?including the Free Plan?come with Push Notifications, automatic video upload aka Live Event Upload, Remote Live View and remote video playback and download, as well as remote firmware update. For users who want more Live View time or unlimited remote playback and download of their dash cam videos, or extra features, the paid plans offer solutions tailored to every budget and technical requirement.

Price drops across all paid plans

The first major change is a general price drop for all paid plans (prices are expressed in US dollars). 

Both the first and subsequent dash cams linked to the Cloud are now more affordable. 

Plan Lite (New) Smart (before) Smart (after) Fleet (before) Fleet (after)
Initial camera $3.99/mo $11.99/mo $7.99/mo $24.99/mo $15.99/mo
Additional cameras $3/mo $9/mo $6/mo $15/mo $12/mo

Note on the rollout of the new pricing for existing Smart and Fleet Plan subscribers: 

  • All existing Smart Plan users will see their subscriptions adjusted automatically to the new price on their next bill after the rollout of the change. 
  • Fleet Plan users, whose subscriptions are not tied to Android or iOS app store billing, have been contacted by email to prompt them to authorize the migration of their accounts to the new reduced-price plan. For any questions, please contact BlackVue Support at [email protected].

New Lite Plan

The Lite Plan was also introduced to provide unlimited video playback, download and additional daily Live View time (30 minutes) compared to the Free Plan (10 minutes), along with the ability to manage up to 15 dash cams from one account. 

The Lite Plan starts at $3.99 per month for one dash cam. Additional dash cams can be added for an extra $3 per month. 

Manage more cameras for less

One of the main wishes of our users was to allow them to register more cameras under their BlackVue Cloud account without having to spring for the Fleet Plan. 

Now, both the Lite and Smart plans allow users to register up to 15 dash cams conveniently, via the BlackVue App’s in-app subscriptions. 

Extra features for the Smart Plan

While reducing the price of Smart Plan, we also added more features to it, including more Cloud storage per camera, 90-day GPS Tracking log (up from 7 days) and Video On Map. The Cloud storage went from 5GB to 10GB per dash cam. With Video On Map, previously a Fleet-exclusive feature, users can view and play Live Event Upload videos straight from the map.

To learn more about the BlackVue Cloud Plans, visit

If you have any questions or feedback on these changes, please visit our Help Center.

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