[BlackVue Cloud] How To Set Up Live Event Upload (Step by Step)

Live Event Upload is probably the most desirable BlackVue Cloud feature for peace of mind. In this guide, we are assuming you already connected your BlackVue to the Cloud. For an introduction to BlackVue Cloud, check out this video.

Before you get started, make sure you have the required firmware version for your dashcam:

  • DR750X Plus with firmware 1.001 or higher.
  • DR750-2CH LTE with firmware 1.007 or higher.
  • DR900X-1CH/2CH with firmware 1.006 or higher.
  • DR750X-1CH/2CH with firmware 1.006 or higher.
  • DR900S-1CH/2CH with firmware 1.013 or higher.
  • DR750S-1CH/2CH with firmware 1.018 or higher.

Here are the steps to set up Live Event Upload, change its settings and manage Live Event Upload videos.

1. From the app’s main screen, tap Connect to Cloud.


2. In the camera list (My cameras), hit the 3-dot button on the right-hand side of your dashcam’s name.


3. In the popup menu, tap “Settings“.


4. In the Settings menu, tap the arrow button “>” next to Live event upload.


5. In the Live event upload menu, you can activate/deactivate the feature and select the types of events that will trigger uploads.
In our case, we want to deactivate auto uploads occurring while we are driving, except for Manual recordings (which can be set to be triggered by the dashcam’s proximity sensor).
Note about Manual recording: Manual recording is generally triggered by the proximity sensor on the side of the dashcam opposite the cable connectors. To use Manual recording, make sure that the sensor is set to trigger Manual Events (the sensor could be configured to toggle audio recording on and off instead).


6. After deactivating Impact detection in Normal event recording mode, the settings will be applied automatically.


7. Back in the “My cameras” screen, you can tap the dashcam’s name to access the camera’s footage.


8. Finally, tap the Live event upload tab to display automatically uploaded videos.
Videos in this menu are kept here temporarily for 7 to 30 days, depending on your Cloud Plan.


9. By tapping the 3-dot icon, you can Download to your phone, Move to the permanent Cloud storage or Delete the video.


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