[BlackVue Cloud] Download Sub-Stream (Quick Play) Videos Over the Cloud

The latest BlackVue Viewer (Windows 3.01 / Mac 3.01) and BlackVue App (iOS 3.12 / Android 3.13) are available now. Aside from bug fixes and stability improvements, the new versions bring with them the ability to access Sub-Stream (Quick Play) videos over the Cloud.

That means BlackVue Cloud users can now choose whether to download the original resolution video or the Sub-Stream.

As with direct Wi-Fi connection, you can now download the Sub-stream (Quick play) version of videos over the Cloud.

For reminder: DR900S or DR750S dashcam models set to Extreme quality setting will produce front camera videos of about 187MB. Meanwhile, the Sub-Stream for the same file is just about 4MB. That means Sub-Stream lets you save on your LTE data and download videos almost instantly.

BlackVue Sub-Stream files’ size make them ideal for remote review or download.

Of course, if you need the full resolution–for example in case you need to check the license plate number of a vehicle–we recommend to download the file in original resolution instead.

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