[BlackVue Cloud] Dashcam Slot Owners Eligible for Free Renewable Yearly Fleet Plan

Dear BlackVue Cloud users,

Following a recent server update, users who previously purchased dashcam slots were not able to access their dashcams.

Once again, we want to apologize for the disruption of service and the inconvenience caused.

As a short-term compensation, we have been offering up to three-year free Fleet Tracking subscriptions to affected users. However, we felt we needed to do better for those early adopters who are now long-term BlackVue Cloud users.

Free Renewable Yearly Fleet Plan

Long story short: we are offering dashcam slot owners renewable yearly subscriptions to a Fleet Plan. The Fleet Plan gives access to BlackVue Fleet Tracking, the highest tier of service and features among all the BlackVue Cloud plans. These features include unlimited Remote Live View, unlimited Cloud Video Playback, Downloads, etc.

Since the dashcam slots are no longer supported, we encourage all slot owners to apply for the upgrade.

Conditions of eligibility

  1. The Free Fleet Plan subscription upgrade is available to all BlackVue Cloud accounts with one or more associated dashcam slots.
  2. Users interested in the offer must contact BlackVue Support Team ([email protected]) before August 31, 2020.
  3. Users are eligible for a Fleet Plan to manage as many dashcams as they were able to manage with their slots (i.e. if someone had 2 extra slots, they will get a Fleet Plan for 3 dashcams).
  4. Yearly renewal: in order to continue using the service, users must renew it annually. To do so, contact Support from one month before and up to one month after their Fleet Service expiration date.
  5. The Free Fleet Plan subscription cannot be transferred to another BlackVue Cloud account.

Note to dashcam slot owners who already received a Fleet Plan upgrade from our Customer Support Team: you are still eligible for renewal of your account upon expiration. Please contact Support if you have any questions.

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