BlackVue Captures BMW Owner in a Hurry

Some dashcam videos can be hard to describe.

Case in point with this video posted by YouTuber T M26, which got more than 4.5 million views in less than ten days: a BMW driver suddenly tries to take over our BlackVue DR650S-2CH owner from the right (see rear camera), then forces his way back on the right lane, only to grab the traffic barrier, his right-side wheels losing contact with the road, the BMW ending up stuck accross the traffic barrier.

All this happening right behind a school bus, which the BMW seems to have made contact with.

Oh, and for some reason the BMW driver is the one who seems the most angry about the whole situation.

You’ll probably want to re-watch the clip a few times –looking at both front and rear cameras– trying to grasp what happened and what that driver was thinking.

Fortunately nobody got hurt, but it’s a dangerous world out there, better drive protected!

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