BlackVue at 2016 AAITF Shenzhen Show – with Photos!

From February 26th to 28th BlackVue attended the AAITF Shenzhen, the 12th China International Automotive Aftermarket Industry and Tuning Trade Fair 2016.

We are happy to report that many  visitors have not only been very aware of BlackVue dashcams, but also associated our products with superior quality and exceptional performance, which is reflected by the soaring sales of BlackVue on the Chinese market.

As it happens, the customers who visited our booth during AAITF the customers were looking for best quality in dashcams.

On the last day our booth was visited again by many of the returning customers who were drawn not only to BlackVue’s premium quality, but also to BlackVue’s unique and sophisticated design, standing out against the other dashcams present at the show, which is a feat, especially in a dashcam market as competitive as China.

Check out the pictures below!

AAITF Shenzhen - BlackVue

AAITF Shenzhen - BlackVue


AAITF Shenzhen - BlackVue

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