[BlackVue App] Battery Management UI Update and Integration to the Main App

The BlackVue App for Android (3.36) and iOS (3.36.1) was updated this week, with a major update for those of you using a Power Magic Ultra Battery (B-124 / B-124X).

Update: iOS version was updated to 3.36.2 on October 8.

What’s new in this version

  1. Cloud server connectivity and stability improvements. 
  2. Added battery management features.
    • Integrated BlackVue Battery App functions into the BlackVue App. 
    • Improved the graphical user interface.
    • Supported models: B-124, B-124X
  3. Cloud registration and login policy update (iOS)
    Updated to support signup while “Hide My Email” is active. 


The BlackVue Battery app is still being supported.
However, if you tap on the Battery in the BlackVue App’s main menu, it will open the built-in battery management menu instead of the separate BlackVue Battery app.

We hope you like the updates and if you have questions or feedback, feel free to visit our Help Center.

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