BlackVue 4K Dash Cam and Battery Install in Tesla Model 3

YouTuber and TeslaInventory founder Daerik recently posted a complete installation video of the BlackVue DR900S-2CH dashcam with Power Magic Ultra Battery in a Tesla Model 3. 

Comparing to the Tesla dashcam

In introduction, Daerik explains why–with Tesla offering a dashcam feature–he still feels the need to run a BlackVue in his vehicles. While nice to have, the Tesla cam cannot replace the BlackVue in terms of angle of view, resolution (the DR900S front camera records in 4K) and Cloud connectivity. As he puts it pointing at the DR900S-2CH in its box, “There is really no substitution for these”. 

Full wiring and connection of the rear camera

The Tesla Model 3 can be tricky to outfit with a dashcam. Especially a dual-channel one, with front and rear camera. With its huge rear windshield, the Model 3 makes it hard to position the rear camera. In general, the top of the windshield is the recommended spot to install it. As demonstrated in the video, on the Tesla 3 it doesn’t give an optimal view of the back. Instead, the bottom of the windshield makes it easier to wire while offering a practical angle of view. 

A unique way of installing the Power Magic Ultra Battery

Daerik gave this part quite a lot of thought and the result is impressive. The Power Magic Ultra Battery (B-124) is quite larger than the Power Magic Battery Pack (B-112). Hence, hiding it in the center console is not an option. Daerik found a great place to hide it, though. Check out the video to know more. 

Overall, this installation video is thorough and although it may seem overwhelming at times, it is definitely doable without much technical knowledge. 

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