BlackVue 4 Channel Dashcam Setup: 360 Degree Recording By Vortex Radar

Here is a look at how Vortex Radar – one of our long-time reviewers and a well-known YouTuber in the community – built his 4-channel BlackVue setup!

In the video posted recently Vortex Radar shows what BlackVue models he used for his 360-degree recording dashcam setup. For this purpose, he chose the BlackVue DR900S-2CH (you can check its successor, the DR900X-2CH here) and the DR750S-2CH (DR750X-2CH can be checked here). In booth cases, he used the front cameras as the “main” ones – DR900S-2CH’s front camera as the actual front camera for the vehicle, and then he installed DR750S-2CH’s front camera at the rear of the vehicle. He then used both models’ rear cameras on the sides of his SUV.

It was important to find the best placement for the “side” dashcams (small, fixed windows at the back of his vehicle).

Vortex Radar is known for his honest opinions – and this video is no exception. You can learn all the advantages and disadvantages (such as having to remember which side camera goes to which main camera!) of having a 4-channel BlackVue dashcam setup.

If you’re curious how a 360-degree recording BlackVue dashcam setup looks like, or if you consider installing it in your own car – this video is for you!

Check the video here or by clicking the thumbnail above.

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