Birds, Mangoes And Other Unusual Dashcam Footage


Having a dashcam gives you a peace of mind when you are on the road or when your vehicle is parked and you are away (thanks to Parking Mode).

But sometimes our Customers share rather unusual footage.

Unusual Guest

For example – YouTube user Bill Harned uploaded a video (see above) recorded by his BlackVue DR650S-2CH, installed in his Tesla. The Cloud-connected BlackVue sent Bill a notification to his phone, alerting him of an impact detected by the dashcam while the vehicle was parked. In the video we see that the dashcam captured a bird that decided to take a closer look at the Tesla’s hood!

Relax at a carwash

Another YouTube user, SwissDriverFail, used his BlackVue DR650GW-2CH (predecessor of the DR650S-2CH) to record a soothing video of a carwash. Note that it’s his second video of that kind, the first one having gathered close to twenty thousand views since posted two years ago. Strangely hypnotic!



Watch out for flying mangoes!

Meanwhile one of our Ambassadors was able to make a claim to the city thanks to his BlackVue dashcam. What happened? He was driving through the town, minding his own business, when suddenly a giant mango fell from a tree directly above his vehicle, leaving a huge dent. Thankfully, our Ambassador was able to resolve the issue thanks to the video proof he had with him.


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Did you manage to capture something interesting with your BlackVue dashcam? Don’t hesitate and post the footage on Instagram with the hashtag #CaughtOnBlackVue or send the footage to us ([email protected]) and we will feature it on our website and social media!

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