Bike Crashes Into A Minivan At Red Light, Rider Flees Scene #CaughtOnBlackVue

Driving in bad weather conditions, such as rain, should be a clear sign to be extra careful on the road. Unfortunately, not everybody seems to think so.

Speeding in the rain

This video shows a motorcycle rider speeding through the streets in the pouring rain. He crosses one intersection just when the light turns yellow, but doesn’t stop at the next intersection – where the light is clearly red already. As a result a minivan, trying to turn left at the intersection, collides with the bike.

BlackVue user who witnessed the incident told us that the minivan driver was quite nervous when he told to them, especially since the motorcyclist… left the scene without leaving his credentials! Just in case, the BlackVue user gave the minivan driver a copy of the video recorded by his 4K UHD dash cam.

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