“Best dashcam of 2021” Review of BlackVue DR900X-2CH Plus by Trucker Dashcam

We are happy to show you present you with yet another BlackVue user happy with the new 4K BlackVue dashcam, DR900X-2CH Plus!

Trucker Dashcam is a Swedish YouTuber famous for his dashcam footage compilations, usually filled with near misses, crazy drivers and various shenanigans on the road. All of that is usually accompanied by the YouTuber’s unique sense of humor and funny editing, which makes his videos quite popular.

Trucker Dashcam is also a long-time BlackVue user! This time he tested the upgraded BlackVue 4K UHD dashcam, the DR900X-2CH Plus model in this video review. He shared his thoughts on the dashcam and showed how easy it is to connect to the camera via the direct Wi-Fi connection and download the videos. In the YouTuber’s own words: “super easy, super fast.” He also briefly went over the Settings and installation.

The highlight of the video are of course the footage video samples from the road. They are relaxing in the true Trucker Dashcam style!

You can watch the review by clicking the thumbnail above or here.

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