Bear in Garage, Reindeer, Sheep and more… The Animal Kingdom #CaughtOnBlackVue

If you are a regular driver, it’s almost a given you’ve encountered some of the animal kingdom’s representatives on your way.

BlackVue users participating in the #CaughtOnBlackVue sure had met many – as evidenced by today’s video! Sheep, birds, reindeer… you name it, BlackVue dashcams captured it!!

Thankfully all the encounters shown in this compilation have a happy ending. Even the – slightly scary – encounter with a bear, which decided to rummage through the BlackVue user Debi’s garage! The curious animal really tried to get into the trash cans… and the BlackVue DR750S-2CH (buy the newest version here) caught everything, recording in Parking Mode. Debi came out to see what the ruckus was about just mere seconds later, barely missing the bear in her garage!

Meeting a wild animal on the road (or in your garage!) can be funny, but also dangerous. Having a dashcam installed in your car gives you a peace of mind – you will always have evidence, be it a bunny crossing the street or a hungry bear going through your trash!

Don’t wait until AFTER something happens – be prepared for everything that can happen on the road. Get your Blackvue today here.


The winner of this week’s main prize – BlackVue dashcam – is Debi and her encounter (dare we say… bearcounter?).

Please remember that #CaughtOnBlackVue an ongoing event and it’s never too late to send us your video!

All you have to do is fill in the form and upload your BlackVue video (instructions on how to do so here). Every week we will pick a winner of the grand prize (either a BlackVue dashcam or the Power Magic Ultra Battery). Even if you don’t receive the grand prize, if your video is published on our blog or social media, you will receive a guaranteed BlackVue swag bag full of goodies!

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