Fleet Tracking

fleet tracking and video protection


Live Video Monitoring

Check on your vehicle from anywhere, anytime from your mobile or desktop.

  • Live View from any camera (front, rear, interior).
  • Initiate a voice call with the driver through the camera.
    Your driver can answer without getting their hands off the steering wheel. 

24/7 Video Protection

Parked? On the go? Your vehicles are always monitored.
  • Parking Mode monitors your parked vehicles with Time Lapse or Motion Detection. 
  • Thanks to buffered recording, Event videos include the few seconds leading to the trigger (impact, overspeed, etc.).
  • Event videos can be uploaded automatically to the Cloud.

GPS Tracking

Easily check real-time location and GPS logs

  • Live location tracking.
  • 90-day GPS logs.
  • Review auto-uploaded videos associated to Events right from the map.


Set up geofences and receive alerts on your phone or desktop. Easy as 1, 2, 3.

  1. Draw up geofences on the map (polygons, lines, circles, etc.)
  2. Choose associated vehicles/cameras and notification triggers (entry, exit).
  3. Received instant push notifications on your phone or browser.

Driving Reports

Get an overview of driving patterns across your fleet. 

  • Identify reckless driving behaviors (overspeed, hard acceleration or cornering, etc.)
  • Monitor inattentive driving (requires optional Driver-Monitoring Camera)
  • Review key statistics like idling time, average speed, driving distance, driving time, etc.

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