Auto-theft Spree Captured By BlackVue Dashcam

This story is already making rounds on Facebook and various local news stations! 

We were contacted by BlackVue user Daryl, licensed private investigator in Louisiana, who sent us video captured by his DR750S-2CH (available for purchase here) and said:

“The black Ford F150 (which) pulls up in the video was stolen that morning from my cop. One of the suspects had a hand gun in his hand as they were still in the truck. When I came out and realized what had happened I immediately connected Wi-Fi to my camera which was parked right in front of his vehicle and in real time he was on the phone with the dispatcher for the police and I was giving a description of the vehicle. The first officer that responded asked if it was the F150 and I said yes – it ended up being his truck. The detectives showed up – and just couldn’t believe how clear the video was. We can clearly see the suspects’ faces along with everything that unfolded. The video was used on several news stations and shared on Facebook (180,000 views). I can’t even tell you how many people sent me a message privately asking me what kind of camera it was. They recognize this suspect but he has not been arrested – at this point they did recover the pick up. I’ve had previously Dash cams and this has been the best one. I’ve already used it where this same truck was sideswiped and the guy denied it but it was clearly on video and within minutes I texted it to his boss. Have to say the check came very quickly. No regrets with this cam. I use this video in evidence all the time it has caught so many people with fraud.”

You can watch the video by clicking the thumbnail above or here.

The story was also shared on WWL-TV Channel 4 – you can read the article here.

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