[Announcement] New Europe Zone Cloud Server Now Open

Dear BlackVue Users, 

We are glad to announce that a new server for BlackVue Cloud has just been opened in London, UK. 
Users in the greater Europe and Africa regions will now connect to this new server, resulting in a faster Cloud service for everyone.

Better experience in Europe and Africa

This server will allow faster speed for all users of our Cloud services in the Europe and Africa regions. As BlackVue dashcam Cloud usage keeps growing in Europe, we decided to increase our server capacity in order to better server our customers in the region.

With our Cloud server located so far in North America, Cloud users located in Europe or Africa could sometimes experience micro delays when accessing our Cloud services. 
This was due to the physical distance between the server and the users.

With the addition of a server based in London, UK, most users in Europe and Africa can now witness reduced latency and a smoother overall experience when connecting to your BlackVue via the BlackVue app over the Cloud. In particular, Remote Live View and video downloads from the dashcam to the app over the Cloud will be faster.
If you live in Europe and your dashcam is constantly connected to the Cloud, you’ll want to reboot your BlackVue to let it connect to the new server. The process is seamless and does not require users to do anything more.

“I don’t live in Europe. Should I care?”

Users in other areas should also see improvements.
This is due to the fact that users in the European region will now connect to this new server instead of the North American server. As a result, we also expect more responsiveness and less risk of congestion on the US-based server, so every BlackVue Cloud user is benefiting from the change.

More to come

We are already planning to add more servers in the near future to further enhance the BlackVue Cloud experience for all users. We will share the news as we expand our server capacity.


List of countries concerned

Users residing in the following countries/territories will now connect to the Europe server:

Countries from the Europe Region:

Åland Islands, Kosovo
Albania, Latvia
Andorra, Liechtenstein,
Austria, Lithuania,
Belarus, Luxembourg,
Belgium, Macedonia, the former Yugoslav Republic of
Bosnia and Herzegovina, Malta
Bulgaria, Moldova, Republic of,
Croatia, Monaco,
Cyprus, Montenegro,
Czechia, Netherlands
Denmark, Norway
Estonia, Poland
Faroe Islands, Portugal
Finland, Romania
France, Russian Federation
Germany, San Marino
Gibraltar, Serbia
Greece, Slovakia
Guernsey, Slovenia
Holy See Spain,
Hungary, Svalbard and Jan Mayen
Iceland, Italy, Sweden
Ireland, Switzerland,
Isle of Man, Ukraine
Jersey, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland,

Countries from the Africa Region:

Algeria Gambia Republic of the Congo
Angola Ghana Réunion
Benin Guinea Rwanda
Botswana Guinea-Bissau Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha
Burkina Faso Kenya Sao Tome and Principe
Burundi Lesotho Senegal
Cabo Verde Liberia Seychelles
Cameroon Libya Sierra Leone
Central African Republic Madagascar Somalia
Chad Malawi South Africa
Comoros Mali South Sudan
Côte d’Ivoire Mauritania Sudan
Democratic Republic of the Congo Mauritius Swaziland
Djibouti Mayotte Tanzania, United Republic of
Egypt Morocco Togo
Equatorial Guinea Mozambique Tunisia
Eritrea Namibia Uganda
Ethiopia Niger Zambia
Gabon Nigeria Zimbabwe

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