[Announcement] New Asia Cloud Server Open

Dear BlackVue Cloud Users, 

Following our Europe zone server in London, we are delighted to announce the open of an Asia/Oceania server for BlackVue Cloud in Singapore. 
Users in Asia and Oceania will now connect to this new server, resulting in a faster Cloud service for everyone.

Better Cloud experience across the board

This server will allow faster speed for all users of our Cloud services in Asia and Oceania. With Asia and Singapore in particular generating large amounts of traffic for our Cloud service, we decided to increase our server capacity in order to better server our customers in the region.

This follows the recent open of a Europe/Africa zone server earlier this month.

This new addition will further speed up the connection to our servers for all Cloud users, as we now have servers present in the three main area of BlackVue Cloud traffic: North America, Europe and Asia. 

Users in other areas should also see improvements.
This is due to the fact that users in Asia will now connect to this new server instead of the North American server. As a result, we also expect more responsiveness and less risk of congestion on the US-based server, so every BlackVue Cloud user is benefiting from the change.

List of countries concerned

Users residing in the following countries/territories will now connect to the Singapore-based server:

Territories of Asia:

Afghanistan Israel Pakistan
Armenia Japan Palestine, State of
Azerbaijan Jordan Philippines
Bahrain Kazakhstan Qatar
Bangladesh Korea, Democratic People’s Republic of Saudi Arabia
Bhutan Korea, Republic of Singapore
British Indian Ocean Territory Kuwait Sri Lanka
Brunei Darussalam Kyrgyzstan Syrian Arab Republic
Cambodia Lao People’s Democratic Republic Taiwan, Province of China
China Lebanon Tajikistan
Cocos (Keeling) Islands Macao Thailand
Georgia Malaysia Turkey
Hong Kong Maldives Turkmenistan
India Mongolia United Arab Emirates
Indonesia Myanmar Uzbekistan
Iran, Islamic Republic of Nepal Viet Nam
Iraq Oman Yemen

Territories of Oceania:

American Samoa Nauru Samoa
Australia New Caledonia Solomon Islands
Cook Islands New Zealand Timor-Leste
Fiji Niue Tokelau
French Polynesia Norfolk Island Tonga
Guam Northern Mariana Islands Tuvalu
Kiribati Palau United States Minor Outlying Islands
Marshall Islands Papua New Guinea Vanuatu
Micronesia, Federated States of Pitcairn Wallis and Futuna

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