Android OS 11 Update: How It Affects the BlackVue App and How to Back Up Your Videos

Dear BlackVue Android App Users,

With the latest Android OS 11 system update, the way app-related files are managed changes. Before Android OS 11, Android users were able to save videos downloaded from their dashcam to their phone in a shared folder accessible outside the BlackVue App. This is no longer possible with the Android 11 update.
In this article, we show you how to keep your downloaded videos safe even in case your BlackVue App is deleted.

With Android 11’s new policy, app-related files–such as dashcam videos downloaded to the app–cannot be stored in a shared folder. This means all the videos downloaded to the app are part of the Blackvue App files. These app files cannot be accessed outside of the BlackVue App. If you try navigating to the BlackVue App’s folder on your phone, you will not see any file there even if you downloaded videos to your phone via the app (unless you back them up as shown further below).

This also means that if a user deletes the BlackVue App from their Android phone, the downloaded videos will be deleted as well (just like on iOS).

The fix: a new Backup feature

On iOS, the “Share” feature in the “Downloaded videos” menu allows users to save the videos to their phone’s local picture and video library.

However, on Android OS, the Share API is designed exclusively for sharing with other apps (such as Google Drive, Dropbox or a messaging app, for example).

Therefore, in the Android version 3.28 of the BlackVue App released earlier this week, we added a new “Backup” feature that lets you save videos to a folder of your choice, which will be left untouched even if you have to delete the BlackVue App for any reason. You don’t have to create a new folder, any existing folder will do but the app lets you create one if needed. As long as you use the Backup feature, your videos will stay on your phone even if you delete the app.

The Backup feature lets you back up your downloaded videos so they stay in your phone’s memory even if you delete the app.
Tip: you can use the icon to select multiple videos to back up.
Note that creating a new folder is optional (you can use an existing folder).

We hope this will make backing up important videos easier for you.

For any questions, don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Support team at [email protected] or visit the BlackVue Help Center.

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