Ambulance Hits Parked Car #CaughtOnBlackVue

Dashcams are your reliable proof in “he said, she said” situations.

Dashcam Proves Fault

BlackVue user Danny was waiting in front of a hospital, waiting for a friend. Suddenly, an ambulance coming from behind passed by. Unfortunately, the EMT hit Danny’s car. Danny had two BlackVue dashcams – fullHD (such as the DR750X-2CH Plus) and 4K UHD (DR900X-2CH) models – installed in the vehicle. The dashcams captured the ambulance coming, as well as the moment it hit the car’s side.

The EMT tried to claim to her supervisor that she had no space and that there was a car to her left. BlackVue footage – quickly downloaded and showed by Danny – revealed a different story.

Small-sized and convenient Quick Play file

You might have noticed that the third video clip – the one with the front camera view – has a slightly decreased video quality and frame rate. This is because the BlackVue user downloaded the Sub-stream (Quick Play) video at the scene. Sub-streams are small-sized copies of the original videos recorded by your dashcam, which means you can quickly download a very small video to your phone and show it to the involved party or the police, or attach it to the email you send to your insurance company. Curious about the Sub-stream technology? Learn more here.

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About #CaughtOnBlackVue

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