Ambassador of the Month – October 2023

Hey, #TeamBlackVue! October is here and fall has begun. We’d like to introduce our new Ambassador of the Month � Gene! Gene’s vehicle is sporting the DR970X-2CH LTE (4K LTE Cloud Dashcam) and the Ultra Battery Pack (get it here).  Read more below to check what he had to say about his vehicle and partnership with BlackVue!

About Gene

“Thank you for featuring me as Ambassador of the Month!

About myself, I am a Video Content Creator who specializes in making videos of my current automotive projects, specifically my 2011 BMW 5 Series and my 2018 Porsche Cayman GTS. I meticulously document the entire build process of these vehicles, catering to individuals who share an interest in customizing their own cars. My journey in building and modifying cars dates back to the early 1990s, during which I actively participated in car shows across the West Coast.”

His BlackVue Setup

“Regarding my role as an Ambassador for BlackVue, I proudly showcase their remarkable dash cam system in my fully modified Porsche Cayman, complete with every carbon fiber aero enhancement from TAKD_Carbon. Given the substantial investment I’ve made in this Porsche, totaling over $20,000, having the BlackVue dash cam system recording 24 hours a day, along with the ability to access the camera feed through my phone app, provides me with the utmost sense of security. I no longer harbor any concerns about leaving my vehicle unattended, as I enjoy continuous 24-hour protection.

Moreover, I take comfort in knowing that I have irrefutable evidence in the event of an incident, especially when it’s not my fault. This evidence can be presented to the insurance company or in a courtroom to establish my innocence. Therefore, I extend my sincere gratitude to BlackVue for providing this exceptional and fantastic dash cam system. I wholeheartedly recommend it to everyone I know who inquires about the security system in my car, as they understand the significant investment I’ve made and share the same desire for protection. Once again, thank you, BlackVue!”

Congratulations, Gene, so glad to have you on our team!
Don’t miss his vehicle on Instagram � check @lsturbointeg!

BlackVue Ambassador Program

The BlackVue Ambassador Program was established to reach out to car enthusiasts all over the world. We believe that every vehicle owner cares about their car’s security, and that’s why we want people to know about our dashcams in the car community.

Dashcams aren’t just a fancy surveillance gadget anymore � they’ve become a necessity. Through our brand ambassadors, we want to bring an authentic experience of using BlackVue dashcams to the car owner community.

We are looking for ambassadors who will be genuinely passionate about our brand and products, and who will be able to convey their enthusiasm and passion through their social media and in person via various offline activities. Learn more about the BlackVue Ambassador Program and apply to become an Ambassador here!

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