Ambassador of the month – October 2020

Hey, #TeamBlackVue! Let’s hear it for the newest Ambassador of the month in October – Elizabeth! She has been a member of #TeamBlackVue since last year and has set an excellent example for her fellow Ambassadors ever since. Besides, she keeps expanding her knowledge and discovering new aspects of her passion for cars. Read more below to check what she had to say about her vehicle and partnership with BlackVue!

About Elizabeth

“Growing up, my brother and many of my friends were always passionate about cars. I am fortunate and humbled to have had mentors who not only taught me to drive in general but also taught me to operate a manual transmission car.

My enthusiasm to learn and gain more experience hands-on grew when I got my 2018 Subaru WRX. I am continuously expanding my knowledge and discovering new learnings about cars and I hope to share this with my own family and kids down the road.

I have lived in both California and Arizona and commuting can definitely be challenging. Often I have witnessed people getting out of their cars and full-on swinging their doors into the next parked car as if it was not even there. There are also many ‘entitled’ drivers that will cut over two or three lanes. I knew I needed something to not only protect my car but myself!”

Her BlackVue setup

“I am now running BlackVue’s DR900S-2CH Dashcam that is equipped with 4K video, wifi, and cloud functions. I love how you can check your feed, download and save video clips with just a click of the app. Now I have the ease of driving anywhere knowing that I am protected in the event of any unfortunate mishaps that may result from the actions of other drivers. 

The best part is the Parking Mode Add-on, which allows me to not only record while I am driving but also when the car is off and parked. BlackVue’s quality and service are definitely top-notch! I am so thrilled and honored to be able to say that I am part of #TeamBlackVue!”

Congratulations, Elizabeth, so glad to have you on our team!  Don’t miss her vehicle on Instagram � check @Elle.wrx

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