Ambassador of the Month – November 2021

Hey #TeamBlackVue, November is here and along with that is the announcement of a new Ambassador of the Month – Matt! He is running BlackVue 4K UHD dashcams in his BMW and Toyota. He is saying “Once you go with BlackVue, there’s nothing else to look onto.” Read more below to check what he had to say about his vehicle and partnership with BlackVue!

About Matt

“Hi team! Name is Matt, aka @m2tthewpt on IG with my 2018 BMW M2 shown. I currently have the BlackVue DR900X-2CH powered by Ultra Battery. I also have a 2021 Toyota Tacoma OffRoad as my daily driver, which is also equipped with a BlackVue dual channel dashcam. I am a house call Physical Therapist and having the system on my daily driver is beneficial especially in areas that seem shady. That shows how I trust my vehicles with it for security and peace of mind.” 

His BlackVue Setup

“I love how the dashcam captures 4K footage that I can use primarily for security or proof, and of course for social. The Seamless Pairing makes it easier to download clips and the apps for both the camera and the battery are easy to use. Having the camera capture the times where my wife and I are out shopping or eating or anything, gives me peace of mind that any incidents will be recorded and be readily accessible as evidence, or any bloopers will be a bonus. I will definitely get another unit should I have another vehicle. All I can say is, “Once you go BlackVue, there’s nothing else to look onto.”

Congratulations, Matt, so glad to have you on our team!
Don’t miss his vehicle on Instagram � check @m2tthewpt

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