Ambassador of the Month – July 2021

Hey #TeamBlackVue, time to greet our new July’s Ambassador of the Month – Brandon! Not even a year since he’s been a member of #TeamBlackVue, however, he became one of the most active BlackVue Ambassadors via various social media channels. Read more below to check what he had to say about his vehicle and partnership with BlackVue!

About Brandon

Hi, I’m Brandon and this is my Dodge Charger Scatpack 392. It’s stock for the most part with just tinted windows, purple 392 badge overlay, vibrant mid mufflers, and a Nitto R rated tire for better traction! The car is used on my Instagram, TikTok (b_mizzle1), & YouTube channel (The Life of Bmizzle). If you check those out you can see great content in my scatpack.

My passion for cars goes way back from when I was a kid playing with hot wheels/matchbox cars. The passion then grew more the older I got. Every year attending the local car shows as well as the Philadelphia auto show which happens yearly. 

His BlackVue Setup

I run BlackVue DR750X-2CH Full HD Cloud dashcam with the Ultra Battery(B-124X) in my scatpack and I will say that every car I get after this will have a BlackVue with no question. BlackVue helps me get amazing content front & rear with ease and with the user-friendly app that helps you get footage on the go.

The biggest thing about having BlackVue is knowing that I have protection from accidents/road hazards and not having to worry because it’s all on my BlackVue whenever I need to retrieve the footage. Since getting my BlackVue most of my friends are in the process of wanting to switch out their old dash cam with a BlackVue for the extra protection that they provide. Nonetheless, I will never run any other dash cam in my vehicles after owning a BlackVue. Thanks again for letting me be a part of the team, I can’t wait to further this journey being an ambassador of BlackVue.

Congratulations, Brandon, so glad to have you on our team!
Don’t miss his vehicle on Instagram � check @B_mizzle1 Visit the Sponsorship Page on our website to check the current Ambassador and apply to join the team

Visit the Sponsorship Page on our website to check the current Ambassador and apply to join the team.

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