Ambassador of the Month – January 2022

Hey #TeamBlackVue, it’s the dawn of a new year for the BlackVue Ambassador Program! We wish you to have every day of the new year filled with success, happiness, and prosperity. Happy New Year!
To start 2022, we’d like to announce the first Ambassador of the Month – Matthew! Read more below to check what he had to say about his vehicle and partnership with BlackVue! 

About Matthew

“Hey everyone! My name is Matthew Machia; I go by @lb3711 on Instagram. I’ve had a passion for cars my whole life, especially Mopars. I’ve owned four- 2001 Stratus, 2002 Durango, a 2011 Ram, and my current car, 2017 Dodge Daytona 392, aka Green Goblin. Out of all the Mopars so far, the Daytona has been the most fun. Not only is the rare Green Go color one of my favorite things about this car, but the incredible sound of the 392 also brings a smile to my face every time I drive. There’s nothing quite like cruising around the state with my car club, Mopar Unlimited Car Club, or attending a local car show.  My RetroShop headlights are a big attraction at shows and I love the excitement it brings kids.”

His BlackVue Setup

“With the rise in car break-ins and hit-and-run accidents, I knew I needed a quality dash cam to help protect my ride. After doing some research and talking with people, BlackVue was the best choice out there. The quality of the video is great, and the app is easy to use. Not only is the BlackVue DR900X-2CH worth it for the security it provides, but also entertaining. I recently had a video of a near-miss on TikTok that was viewed over 5 million times. I will always recommend a BlackVue setup to anyone who asks.”

Congratulations, Matthew, so glad to have you on our team!
Don’t miss his vehicle on Instagram � check @lb3711

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