Ambassador of the Month – February 2024

Everyone meet Keith, our BlackVue Ambassador of the Month for February! Keith installed the� DR970X-2CH (get the new DR970X-2CH Plus here), our flagship 4K UHD Cloud dash cam model,� and the Power Magic Ultra Battery Pack.� 

About Keith

“My name is Keith, and I manage the “HonestlyOCD” account on Instagram and YouTube. I initiated these accounts in 2016, fostering and expanding friendships and business connections ever since. It all started with my 2016 Dodge Charger Scat Pack, but I promptly traded it for a 2017 Dodge Charger Hellcat (how most people recognize me and my account). After a lengthy and challenging build, I eventually sold that vehicle for a 2019 Jeep Trackhawk, which, in turn, was exchanged for my current 2023 Cadillac Escalade. I’m currently sticking with the Escalade until I hit the lottery or manage to convince my wife that a Porsche GT3 is a necessity.”

About his BlackVue setup

“BlackVue as a company and as a product both mean a LOT to me. I have been partnered with BlackVue for many years now and it’s one of the longest and best relationships I’ve had. Not one single time have I had a malfunction or any negative experiences with my cameras. The staff and customer service at BlackVue are also extremely helpful, informative, and top-notch. I am a father of two young children so BlackVue, to me, means protection, security, and comfort. I feel like driving without a dash cam recording what’s happening is absolutely dangerous in today’s world. I have captured more than my fair share of extremely close calls, aggressive drivers, potential car thefts while in parking mode, and even actual car accidents. Having a dash cam on and active in my vehicle is a no-compromise situation. Being able to quickly and flawlessly pull a video off of my camera within minutes of an event occurring is one of the many reasons why BlackVue is at the top of the dash cam game. I trust the security of me, my family, and my vehicle with my BlackVue family and my BlackVue cameras.”

Check out Keith and his Escalade on his�Instagram�or�YouTube!

BlackVue Ambassador Program

The BlackVue Ambassador Program has been established to reach out to car enthusiasts all over the world. We believe that every vehicle owner cares about their car’s security, and that’s why we want people to know about our dashcams in the car community.

Dashcams aren’t just a fancy surveillance gadget anymore � they have become a necessity. Through our brand ambassadors, we want to bring an authentic experience of using BlackVue dashcams to the car owners’ community.

We are looking for ambassadors who will be genuinely passionate about our brand and products, and who will be able to convey their enthusiasm and passion through their social media and in person via various offline activities. Learn more about the BlackVue Ambassador Program and apply to become an Ambassador here!

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