Ambassador of the Month – February 2021

Hey, #TeamBlackVue, we are so pleased to announce February’s Ambassador of the Month – Chelsea! It has been two years since she became a BlackVue Ambassador. Chelsea is one of the great Ambassadors who keenly support and love BlackVue dashcams. Read more below to check what she had to say about her vehicle and partnership with BlackVue!

About Chelsea

“Hi, my name is Chelsea and I have had my Subaru WRX for about 5 years now and there is only so much more years to come as well as capture with my BlackVue  dashcam. From dailying my car 80 miles a day, to going on cruises with friends through the canyons or beach, and taking it on the track. Every experience has been great, even more now that I can record everything with my BlackVue DR900S-2CH dash cam.  

Although, there have been some unfortunate experiences that were not caught before I had my dashcam like accidents that my car was involved in that were “hit and runs” where the person left the accident scene. These were the reasons that made me get a BlackVue dash cam.” 

Her BlackVue Setup

“My BlackVue camera makes me feel safe now whenever I leave my car. I now know that I can have everything recorded the moment I step away from my car. My car being involved in two “hit and runs” was what made me invest in a dashcam. I still believe this is one of my favorite upgrades done to my car. This can avoid me the hassle of finding out who possibly hit my car, records great moments when I am driving my car and also other footage that I would have never thought I needed. Every car owner should invest in a dashcam like BlackVue.”

Congratulations, Chelsea, so glad to have you on our team! 
Don’t miss her & her vehicles on Instagram � check @chelsterzzz

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