Ambassador of the Month – April 2022

Hard to believe it’s already April! And as usual in the beginning of the month, we would to announce a new Ambassador of the Month – Aime! Aime installed a 4K UHD BlackVue Dashcam and Power Magic Ultra Battery in her 2017 Ford Mustang GT PP. Perfect combination of beauty and peace of mind! Read more below to learn what Aime said about her car and her ongoning partnership with BlackVue!

About Aime

“Hi! My name is Aime and I own a 2017 Ford Mustang GT PP. I’m absolutely in love with my car and I am just as excited to continue modding it. I plan to put headers/exhaust on it within the next few months and possibly bag it (if I’m lucky!) I’ve been a part of the car community since I was only 13 years old and the best part of being a part is being able to see/experience other builds and meeting new friends along the way. I’m active on my Instagram account @5ohbrat if you want to check it out! 🙂”

Her BlackVue setup

“I joined the BlackVue family in 2021 and I have not had a worry since. Before BlackVue, my car has been in over 3 hit-and-runs as well as door dinged multiple times, with damages upwards of $3000. I have much more peace of mind knowing I won’t have to pay another penny for other people’s mistakes. My favorite part about the dash cam is that I can easily access the videos on my phone and program them to instantly save if my car detects an impact. Not to mention their quick & responsive customer support team! You can not go wrong with Blackvue! “

Congratulations, Aime, we are honored you have been a part of our team for so long! Don’t miss Aime’s stunning build on Instagram – check @5ohbrat!

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