BlackVue Ambassador of the Month – azura5.0

We are proud to say that the number of our loyal BlackVue Brand Ambassadors continues to grow. This is why we decided to feature some of them on our Sponsorship Page every month.

The BlackVue Ambassador of the Month in December is Julie, known on Instagram as azura5.0.

Here’s what she said about herself and her BlackVue dashcam!

“I’m Julie and I live right outside of Atlanta, GA! I have a Grabber Blue 2017 Mustang GT with some great cosmetic upgrades! Everything from paint matched body parts like my hood to side skirts and lip, some gorgeous 20” Rovos Wheels to the custom blue digital camo roof and wing wrap. I’ve had the car for such a short period of time, but it’s gone through a serious transformation and attracts a lot of attention both on the road and when I’m parked! With that said, that’s why I couldn’t be any happier to have BlackVue protecting my car. It’s caught people entering my car when unattended, close calls on the road and some fun racing on the track! I drive 90 miles every day to and from work and I do it with ease knowing I have my BlackVue running at all times. I’m very thankful for working with such a great team and have an awesome dash cam!”

You can also check our Ambassador’s Instagram activities on our Sponsorship Page.

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