How To Add a Mobile Hotspot To Your Car

Enjoy BlackVue Cloud with a connected dashcam

To enjoy your Cloud compatible BlackVue to the fullest, your dashcam must have an access to the Internet. This means that your vehicle needs to be parked in the range of your home/work/other Wi-Fi, or you need to have a dedicated mobile hotspot in your vehicle.

YouTube reviewer 16P51-GT published a video explaining the second option – having a dedicated hotspot in your car. The main reason the YouTuber decided to have a hotspot in his vehicle was his BlackVue DR650S-2CH, which he reviewed along with the Power Magic Pro in the past (part one here, part two here).

Hardwire both your hotspot and dashcam with the Power Magic Pro

While portable hotspots usually come with their own battery, sometimes the battery capacity can be lacking. With the BlackVue Power Magic Battery Pack and its two USB sockets for extra device charging, it’s easy to power a hotspot in addition to your BlackVue dashcam for Parking Mode recording while being connected to the Cloud. However, some users prefer to use the Power Magic Pro hardwiring kit to power their dashcam with their car’s battery instead for Parking Mode. When parked, the Power Magic Pro supplies the dashcam with power while monitory the voltage to avoid draining the vehicle’s battery. In that scenario, additionally powering a hotspot can be more of an issue.

Luckily, this video also contains a nice trick showing how to power both your dashcam and your mobile hotspot using Power Magic Pro.

Watch the video by clicking the thumbnail above or here.

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