Accident Caught on BlackVue Dashcam in Parking Mode

One of the most coveted features of BlackVue dashcams is the Parking Mode. Thanks to the Parking Mode, multiple accidents have been caught on camera, helping the Customers prove who the culprit was. 

We cannot always count on people leaving a note for us to find. But what about cases when there is a note, but it contains false information and there is no way of contacting the person that damaged our vehicle? Well, that’s where BlackVue dashcamera’s Parking Mode steps in.

In the video shared by our Canadian distributor BlackboxMyCar, we learn that that’s exactly what happened – the note left by a person who caused the accident contained a disconnected phone number! Luckily, his license plate was caught on camera, and the police were able to contact him. BlackVue customer was able to receive the full cost of the repair.

Watch the video HERE.

Power your BlackVue in Parking Mode with either Power Magic Pro or Power Magic Battery Pack and rest easy, knowing that your car is being protected even when you’re not around!

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