BlackVue Accessories

Take your dash cam experience to the next level with BlackVue dedicated accessories, including:

  • Parking Mode batteries / kits
  • LTE Connectivity modules
  • MicroSD cards / readers
  • Tamper-proof cases
  • Power / video cables
  • Spare stickers, mounts
  • Rear cameras and more!

Parking Mode Batteries

Power your BlackVue in Parking Mode without affecting your car’s battery, with:

  • Power Magic Battery Pack (B-112):
    – simple
    – compact  
  • Power Magic Ultra Battery (B-130X):
    – Fast-charging
    – High capacity 
    – Cloud Battery: check capacity remotely via Cloud-connected dash cam

Connectivity Module

Provide reliable LTE connectivity to your DR970X Plus and DR770X Series dash cams.

  • NanoSIM card reader (SIM not included)
  • Easy install: plugs into the dash cam’s micro USB port.
  • Powered by the dash cam: no extra wiring needed.

MicroSD Card

BlackVue dash cams save video files to a microSD card (up to 256GB). Not all microSD cards are made equal, however.
BlackVue microSD cards are sourced from the most reliable manufacturers and tested extensively for dash cam use.

Other accessories

BlackVue provides a whole range of accessories for your dash cam: 

  • Power and video cables.
  • Home power adapters.
  • Spare stickers and cable clips.
  • Extra mounts.
  • Rear cameras.