A Dashcam Can Save You Thousands Of Dollars

YouTuber and Reviewer Bob from the TopHatPlus channel got into an accident a few months ago. As there were no witnesses, he was deemed at fault – until he presented the BlackVue DR750S-2CH dashcam footage from the accident.

Not only was his ticket overruled and he didn’t get any penalty points, he also got his $1,000 deductible back.

In Bob’s words:

“It went from “there’s nothing we can do, you are getting a ticket” to “you have no ticket, have a good day”. For everybody out there – get a dashcam. BlackVue dashcams – they work perfectly. (…) It is so crucial these days with everyone texting and just not paying attention to what’s going on that you have something to cover your back. We all do our best, but we all make mistakes and at times we need somebody to look over our shoulder. That’s where dashcams come in.”

Watch the short video here or click the thumbnail above.

Here’s another video in which Bob explains what happened:


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