5 Times Traffic Lights Were IGNORED And It (Almost) Ended BADLY #CaughtOnBlackVue

All over the world, the rules are pretty simple when it comes to traffic lights. Green – go. Red – stop.

Whether distracted or trying to “beat the red light”, some drivers violate these rules and while some get away scot-free, some are involved in narrow close calls or even end up in an accident.

Today we compiled a video of #CaughtOnBlackVue footage of four such near misses and one serious collision.

BlackVue Sees Everything

The first two videos show vehicles coming from the left and crossing the intersection while the light was red.
They were recorded with older BlackVue models, now replaced with the fullHD 60fps DR750X-2CH and DR900X-2CH recording in 4K UHD quality, respectively.

The next two videos are a bit less obvious – cars trying to make a turn at night (while the BlackVue owner had a green light). However, with a bit of defensive driving, these situations could be avoided, don’t you think?

The last video is the most grave one and show consequences of not paying attention to the traffic lights. The two cars captured on BlackVue dashcam crashed on the intersection, small parts and even tires flying all over. It’s safe to assume both vehicles were totaled in the process. The BlackVue user who witnessed the crash reported that thankfully everyone involved was okay, if shocked.

This video is just a reminder that we always need to stay vigilant on the road – and more importantly, always pay attention to the traffic lights. They are there for a reason!

Having a BlackVue dashcam can help you prove your innocence – it captures everything, including whether the light was red or green for you. It’s especially important in cases when there are no witnesses and it’s your word against the other driver’s. Curious if we have an example? We sure do. Read Dan’s viral Reddit story here.

So don’t wait until AFTER something happens. Be prepared for every situation on the road. Get your BlackVue here. You can also learn more about an entire new BlackVue dashcam lineup here!


Please remember that #CaughtOnBlackVue an ongoing event and it’s never too late to send us your video!

All you have to do is fill in the form and upload your BlackVue video (instructions on how to do so here). Every week we will pick a winner of the grand prize (either a BlackVue dashcam or the Power Magic Ultra Battery). Even if you don’t receive the grand prize, if your video is published on our blog or social media, you will receive a guaranteed BlackVue swag bag full of goodies!

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