4 Ways Having a Dashcam Will Change Your Life

A dashcam can and will change your life. Let us explain this bold statement.

So what is a dashcam? Essentially, it’s a camera you put on our dashboard or attach to your windshield that records your drive. But it’s also so much more than that and most dashcams available on the market right now offer a multitude of features that go way beyond simple video recording. More on that later.

Peace of mind while driving or away from your vehicle

Let’s start with the basics. Because a dashcam is recording when you drive – and thanks to the Parking Mode feature even when you’re parked – you get peace of mind and the comfort of simply knowing your vehicle is protected. You’ve got enough stressful things to think about during your day – why add another one? 

This is where your dashcam comes in. But don’t just take our word for it.  There are plenty of examples of people who saved thousands of dollars thanks to the dashcam installed in their car.

Important evidence and money savings

Dashcam footage can become crucial evidence in case of an accident (especially when it comes to hit-and-runs, but ambiguous collisions as well). They also help in less obvious situations, like leaving your car at the repair shop. We trust that our property is in good, professional hands, but sadly that’s not always true. Thankfully, having a dashcam always recording in your car means you can confront the shop later and get reimbursed. But that’s not all! Dashcam footage can be helpful to law enforcement on the scene, but it’s also important to save it for later, as it can make the insurance claim process smoother. It’s particularly handy when we are a victim of attempted insurance fraud – it’s easy to prove our innocence (when the other party claims otherwise) when we have video evidence.

Keep an eye on your loved ones

A dashcam’s essential purpose is to show what happens from behind the wheel no matter what. And while many people find them useful for finding out who was at fault or for insurance purposes, they can also provide peace of mind regarding the safety of our loved ones.

For example, parents of teenage drivers who want to know what their children are up to can use some of the Cloud features of a Cloud-connected dashcam (such as the BlackVue DR750X Series) to make sure their children are safe and they’re not up to any dangerous shenanigans.

What about a situation when you’re worried about your elderly parents, though? Their safety on the road can be a concern, and a connected dashcam, such as the BlackVue DR970X-2CH LTE can be especially handy, as it lets the user always check in on their car via the BlackVue app.

Be a better driver

It’s not a secret that we are on our best behavior when we are being observed. The same goes for dashcams. A study from 2020 shows that as much as 25% of drivers think a dashcam would improve their driving. A dashcam not only records what happens on the road and provides a sense of security whenever you leave your car parked somewhere, but it also enforces the feeling of accountability. If you drive poorly and make a mistake – well, your mistake is also recorded. That makes the drivers pay more attention to what’s happening on the road. You will also be less likely to be tempted by distractions such as texting and driving.

To sum up, dashcams can change your life by increasing the security of your property and, most importantly, your life and the life of your loved ones. Dashcams are now a necessity, not a luxury – and the difference between having and not having one can be life-changing. 

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