4-Channel BlackVue Dashcam Setup In Minivan

In our last post we introduced a unique 3-channel setup in a Honda Accord. This time it’s a 4-channel dashcam setup, with two BlackVue DR470-2CH cameras installed in a Honda Odyssey minivan. After the vehicle was vandalized–keyed on the sides– the owner decided that he wanted to catch the culprits, were they to try again.

Our Canadian distributor BlackboxMyCar posted a video in which they show how the setup works – two front cameras from the DR470-2CH model are facing front and rear of the vehicle for the best image clarity. The (originally) rear cameras are installed on the D-pillars, and facing the front to capture anyone coming from the side.

BlackVue DR470-2CH was picked as the dashcam model for this setup because of its small, discreet design (the front camera installed at the back of the car won’t obstruct the driver’s field of view) and Parking Mode feature.

You can watch the video by clicking the thumbnail above or by clicking here.

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