18 Wheeler Rolling Over Caught On Dashcam

This video is a perfect example of why we need to be alert at all times while driving, because even then, the unexpected can always happen. In the footage, captured by BlackVue DR650GW-1CH dashcam and shared by Edin Vrabac on YouTube, we see an 18 wheeler on an icy road. Suddenly it skids off,  and swerves off the road completely, rolling over a couple of times until it hits the ground down below.

You can watch the video by clicking HERE or on the thumbnail.

Please be considerate when commenting on the video, as the conditions here are extreme, and as commentators have pointed out, strong winds combined with a heavy load could have caused the trailer to veer out of control. We don’t know what happened to the driver and what exactly was the cause of the incident. All we can wish is that he’s safe and sound. We will update the story if/when we receive more information.

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