$110,000 Shelby GT500 damaged by a helicopter?!

BlackVue dashcams have captured countless accidents, hit & runs and close calls. Sometimes though, the footage recorded on the dashcam is so unbelievable you need to hear the rest of the story.

And sometimes, the story turns out to be just as unbelievable!

Hollywood actor Joseph Gatt, who is also a huge car enthusiast, is also a BlackVue user. BlackVue DR900S-2CH 4K dashcam is installed in his Shelby GT500 and often catches Joseph’s adventures around the track.

Recently, his Shelby was damaged by? a helicopter! Yes, you read that right.  Joseph was headed to a canyon with his crew when they discovered they were first on the scene of an accident that happened there. The crash involved a biker with a head trauma and the major problem they faced was that there was no cell reception in the canyon. Joseph – with arguably the fastest car in the crew – had to drive away from the scene until he was able to call the emergency services.

After the emergency services arrived, a helicopter also appeared on the scene to transport the victim, and that’s what the BlackVue installed in Joseph’s car caught! As you can see in the video all the debris from the landing helicopter fell on the Shelby.

Thankfully, the footage from the BlackVue DR900S-2CH rear camera was enough for the damages done by the helicopter to be paid in full by the insurance. 

Watch the video above (BlackVue footage of the helicopter starts at 5:52) or by clicking here.

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